GameBlur is a newly launched gaming news service that is run by a team of four dedicated editors. In the future we hope to further GameBlur into a monetary entity and expand our horizons as games and console availability are limited. We are looking to maintain a high level of professionalism in all that we do, and hope that it shows in the work we produce. Striving to make an informative, useful service as well as a fun, but professional one is our primary goal and we work towards it day-by-day.

We work for quality and quantity, however, we realize that the two do not always correlate. In these cases, we aim for quality over quantity, and try our best to create the best work we can. To help with the issue regarding quantity, we are also going to be accepting applications from volunteers who are looking to build resumes or gain some experience as a writer or journalist. However, we are currently not accepting these applications as we are just getting started and need to take some time to get situated ourselves.

Your viewership and feedback are what inspires us to keep posting and doing what we do. We have fun doing what we do, but also are pushed to excel by your praise and critique. Thank you for any comments that you are able to give, we appreciate them.

We hope you come along with us on our journey into the video game journalism field and that you enjoy the work that we put out along the way!

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